Sending the same document on every case

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Sending the same document on every case

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I was just wondering whether anyone has come up with any fancy ways to send out the same document to the client at the end of a claim. It's a document that contains marketing material, so will not change at all.

Obviously it's fairly wasteful in terms of storage to merge the document template onto every case then store a copy of the document in the archive when the document would be the same across the board.

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

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Re: Sending the same document on every case

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Hi. I asked them in late 2019 if there was a way of coding an attachment to an email from an external file location, they got as far as getting one of their business analysts to contact me re. the requirements. But despite this they gave a few months later and said they were concentrating on other aspects of the email system, that was in Feb 2020. Guess there's an outside chance something might be coming in the next hotfix??