Page Numbering - Word Docs

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Page Numbering - Word Docs

Post by revellbikes »

Morning all,

I was wondering whether anyone has had any successes with page numbering in Proclaim?

I'm aware the PDF Bundling options allow page numbering, but my requirement is to automatically add numbers from page 2 on all letters.

Obvious starting point is the letters associated form, so I've attempted to add in a page number to the footer. When I generate the document it appears on the first page only, subsequent pages are not numbered.

I then edited the form to have 2 pages and started the page numbering on Page 2. This sort of worked... the only downside is that there is always a page 2 when the letter is generated, so inevitably blank pages are going to get printed - so not an ideal solution. I only want the page number to trigger when the user ticks over onto the second page.

So has anyone else had any experience in this area?


David P
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Re: Page Numbering - Word Docs

Post by David P »

This may sound daft but have you tried deleting page 2 from the form? I'm pretty sure that so long as 'different first page' is selected in the page layout, the footer is kept and appears when additional pages are added. If that doesn't work you could try an IF field in the first page footer (making sure 'different 1st' is unselected)

Code: Select all

{ IF { Page } > "1" { Page } }
That should display the current page number for anything other than page one.