Unable to Locate Outbox

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Unable to Locate Outbox

Post by tweedledee » Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:31 pm

We are still experiencing some random issues with people sending emails from Proclaim since we have moved onto a 2016 platform.

Here is a summary as I believe it’s got something to do with either the amount of mailboxes you have access to or how many people you are set to “send on behalf of”

• Emails External and Internal are working
• It will stop during the day saying “unable to find outbox”
• I can resolve this either by;
Removing the password from Profile on the Email/Printing section, they enter it on load and it works again
Removing the list of people in the “send on behalf of”, clicking Save, entering them back in, asking to close/reopen, works

So that’s why I think it’s pointing to something along those lines but I am running of options and can’t keep doing this each day, others do it get the same error but I guess don’t always report it.

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Re: Unable to Locate Outbox

Post by gav76 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:49 pm

Hi, we are getting this intermittently with certain users. It is a MAPI error but haven't found the exact cause as yet.

Users are running proclaim and outlook on Citrix
Users have multiple mailboxes attached to outlook
Users also sometimes have outlook open on local desktop.

I have read that there is a limit on concurrent MAPI connections to exchange, and the additional mailboxes in outlook may be hitting this limit.

I'd be interested in knowing your client setup and your exchange version. We are exchange 2010. Also do you set up your mailboxes in cached mode, and do you have the proclaim outlook add-in enabled?

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Re: Unable to Locate Outbox

Post by JT1990 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:23 pm

Just to eliminate the obvious, the Profile box in user profiles (Email/Printing) matches what their mail 32 bit profile is called on their pc right?

A mismatch on that will cause issues. Unlikely to be the case but thought I'd ask!

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