Transferring WIP and History

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Transferring WIP and History

Post by galexander »


A couple of fee earners have mistakenly done hours of work on the wrong matter and I need to transfer it to the correct matter.
It adds up to hundreds of lines of history, a mixture of time entries, letters, incoming emails etc.

The main problem is their history lines are mixed in with the history lines of several other fee earners so I'm struggling for an easy transfer solution:
- Transferring WIP is quick and easy but doesn't take the documents with it
- I can do a full export but will have to pick through an enormous XML file to find each correct individual history line to import

Anyone got a good solution?

We are on Proclaim


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Re: Transferring WIP and History

Post by Enigma »

Hi Galexander,

First of all, my condolences! I've seen this happen before and it is a nightmare.

Copying the history items over, in the past all I have done is either filter the history as best I can, select multiple via shift click and ctrl clicking any stragglers and then drag them over to the other file that shows in 'Todays Cases'.

It's a tedious process but the only way I know of to do bulk.

It's a shame that it has happened in the first place. Especially to that scale!

That's my 2 pence, sorry I cannot be of further help!