Letters for Table based Correspondents

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Letters for Table based Correspondents

Post by SteampunkProfessor »

Has any body any experience of creating letters based on tables with correspondents in?
We've only recently updated to v3.3, so I'm still trying to get my head round the table maths.
What I would like to do, for example, is have a letter to each bank that pulls in all the accounts for that bank rather than one letter per account.

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Re: Letters for Table based Correspondents

Post by Enigma »


For the letter side of things, you make a template under the correspondent as normal.

But in the Send Letter Template dropdown, you can pick which correspondent in the list you want the letter to pull in the details for.

E.g. you have 3 witnesses entered in to the table.
The Template dropdown will show Witness(1) , Witness(2) and Witness(3).

So in your example you would have bank(1) , bank(2) and bank(3).

So provided the details you are entering in to the table are the ones you want pulling in to the letter, it should be perfectly fine. For any data that you have not made as a table field, a maths item that checks the correspondent index and pulls through the relevant details should do the trick. Apologies if I have misunderstood.

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Re: Letters for Table based Correspondents

Post by ISimpson »

It's hard to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve - Is the letter to the bank on behalf of one individual or company where the information is about all the accounts of that one person or company (i.e. from one case on Proclaim)?

Or are you trying to send one letter to one bank listing many different individuals/companies and their account details (i.e. across multiple cases on Proclaim)?

Both may be possible if the data is set right in the tables to be 'selected' but the latter would have limitations in that it would be hard to include a copy of the letter in each of the respective histories.