Issues with signatures

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Issues with signatures

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Hi all,

Just wondering if you could help, We are using Proclaim 3.3.1 and since the upgrade all emails that are sent from proclaim get stripped of HTML and appear as plain text external of the infrastructure. We are using 2012 R2 Remote desktop with Office 2013 (still appears when sent via office 2007)
I have tried the following: Disabled AV. removed all hyperlinks and created a hole new signature using HTML . We have completely reinstalled the whole application and components. Removed exclaimer (signature tool) Tried sending emails using a 2008R2 server. I checked the spam filter and the emails are arriving as plain text format meaning the issue occurs during proclaim to exchange or exchange to spam filter. We have dismounted the exchange database and remounted it. The support company have made changes internally for the application and tested with different templates but still no success. (When sending emails directly from the outlook client everything is fine) Has anybody come up against this issue before? I am planning on using an SMTP relay to replace the exchange server for mailflow as a test only but would rather not have to do that if possible.

Any help appreciated


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Re: Issues with signatures

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Silly question but have you spoken to Eclipse support or Exclaimer support?

This put's worries up me as we're doing the 3.3.1 upgrade soon and also use Exclaimer.

I am aware that in Exclaimer you have to put your template on every tab (Plain Text, Rich Text and HTML). But this shouldn't make your emails go out in Plain Text every single time