Dynamic switch-on and off of fields on screen

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Dynamic switch-on and off of fields on screen

Post by rajeev108 »

If a screen is used by multiple work types then it is not possible to suppress the display of irrelevant fields for a particular work type. Rather thann changing the background colour of the relevant/irrelevant fields, it would be much better if it were possible to dynamically switch-off display of certain fields. Currently a work type specific screen has to be created which is a subset of the main screen. This approach obviously increases maintenance overhead.

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Re: Dynamic switch-on and off of fields on screen

Post by DeborahMonks »

I second this.... we have multiple workflows and use buttons to navigate forwards and backwards between screens during the data capture process.

As you say, different workflows require different data to be captured, which for us means multiple sets of screens. Therefore to be able to 'switch off' irrelevant fields would be a huge advantage to us.

Additionally, it would be a huge advantage to be able to specify which screen to go to next on the button intelligence, or within a maths field, without having to use screen popups.

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Re: Dynamic switch-on and off of fields on screen

Post by Mark_ACA »

Was this ever implemented ?

I want to display a field on a screen, but only if a different field is a certain value, otherwise don't display it at all.

Or even better manipulate a fields label on a screen based on a different fields content ?

Is this not possible ?