MIWH Improvement

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MIWH Improvement

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Product: Proclaim: 3.3 (Case Management)

Summary: The current MIWH stores all data that is altered into the Bucket and then processes these against the MIWH template, establishing if the data is present in the MIWH Template and then processing the valid entries. It seems if the system were to check the MIWH template against the altered data prior to adding these fields to the Bucket this could offer a considerable performance advantage?

Benefits: In a recent example updating a new field, via an auto routine on approximately 4000 cases. The new field is not associated with the MIWH at all then the MIWH update job running at the time processed through 102,000 items in its next run, as there were only 4000 cases processed and only a single field updated on each i am confused why this number was so high? There is still a large amount of defunct and extraneous processing happening on our system which i have not been able to clear up yet, but as these fields are not in MIWH the prevention of these entering the Bucket could offer a huge performance advantage in most sites I suspect?