clear database information

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clear database information

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a quick and easy way to clear out data from a test database?

I assume one method would be to connect to the database and truncate some tables, or another being to run mass case deletion. I was hoping there would be a better way of doing this?

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Re: clear database information

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Hi Rob,

What data are you referring to?

If it is cases, mass case deletion is probably your best bet.

If it is data on a file, a large PUT ( "" , {XYZ.ABC} ) maths item :P

Anything screens you can do on mass.

For other aspects of the system, you are probably looking at manually removing individual items.

I would suggest have a barebones 'Testing' case type that you can Go Live out and have that stored somewhere. Each time you want to throw the reset switch, delete the current one and Go Live the template back in.

Other than that I'm not too sure.