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REST API in Proclaim

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:22 am
by jasonmurray
Hi there

Has anybody used the RESTful web services supplied in the Proclaim version 3.4.02? If so can you let me know your experience?

We are looking at building an API interface (using REST with either XML or JSON) to allow external parties to GET specific data from our database. Does this feature in Proclaim allow this?


Re: REST API in Proclaim

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:55 am
by steve
from the release notes, the new REST module is for Proclaim to CONSUME external REST services, rather than have external parties connect to your Proclaim system and consume REST webservices to retrieve/interact with your Proclaim data.

You can, however, have third parties interact with your proclaim Proclaim system (including retrieving case data) using "Proclaim Webservices" which is SOAP based rather than REST/JSON, ... st-basics/

Ask Eclipse for their "Proclaim WEB services" manual.

Exposing your Proclaim SOAP webservices would be the recommended approach as it uses native Proclaim utilities published by Eclipse.

There are a few workarounds if your external parties cannot consume SOAP:

1) Fileview
If third party access doesn't have to be via API, you could given them Fileview access - a website/portal that gives basic Proclaim screens for the external party to check on e.g. case progress etc

2) off-the-shelf SOAP to REST bridge/proxy ... -api-proxy

3) write your own REST API/endpoint in e.g. ASP.NET. Plenty of examples on the net how to create these. This will query your Proclaim data either using the Proclaim Webservices and SOAP, or ODBC (for live data) or via the MIWH MSSQL database (if the data can be a few minutes old) and be exposed to third parties via REST. A bit more of a security headache but not re-inventing the wheel by any means.

4) write your own REST API in ABL ... ect_header This would require liaison with Eclipse.