Importing XML into Proclaim accounts

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Importing XML into Proclaim accounts

Post by SElwell » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:27 am

We have a CMS that creates Clients, Matters, Time records and Slip/Vouchers. The CMS outputs XML files that are then loaded into Proclaim via a Directory Monitoring task. We have created a Linked Action to accept the XML records and store them.
The Maths for the Linked Action was created using the "Accounts Posting" wizard.
This generates the following;

Code: Select all

slipPractice = 1 
slipType = {LV slipType.Text} 
slipPostDate = {LV slipPostDate.Date} 
slipNarrative = {LV slipNarrative.Text} 
slipComment = {LV slipComment.Text} 
slipAmount = {LV slipAmount.Value} 
slipVatType = {LV slipVatType.Text} 
slipVatCode = {LV slipVatCode.Text} 
slipVATOnBilling = {LV slipVATOnBilling.Text} 
slipCorrType = {LV slipCorrType.Text} 
slipCorrName = {LV slipCorrName.Text} 
slipReference = {LV slipReference.Text} 
slipPayMethod = {LV slipPayMethod.Text} 
slipSortCode = {LV slipSortCode.Text} 
slipAccountNo = {LV slipAccountNo.Text} 
slipBankCode = {LV slipBankCode.Text} 
slipBankCodeTo = {LV slipBankCodeTo.Text} 
slipMatterTo = {LV slipMatterTo.Text} 
slipDisbType = {LV slipDisbType.Text} 
slipCounsel = {LV slipCounsel.Text} 
slipDraftSlip = FALSE 
slipAllowAmend = FALSE 
Two crucial fields do not import correctly slipVatCode and slipVATOnBilling
Anyone have any experience with this? (I've submitted this to Eclipse support already)

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