Importing Base64 from HTTP

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Importing Base64 from HTTP

Post by Proclaim_Dev » Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:46 pm


I am currently working a project with an internal system whereby we're being presented with a series of documents within a loop, for PDF, DOC, DOCX on separate links defined by a URL parameter and a count, that I loop through to collect all the documents on that particular file type on that claim. The process from the HTTP link, onto the file is working fine. It is the time it is taking to get this document from the http service onto the file which in my eyes is taking far too long.

I wanted to try and achieve an import from a webservice, but on the HTTP service - as this process seems to work well and efficiently. However, due to the character limit you cannot physically store the base64 in a field to make into a variable - to then join the base64, with the extension etc. to put into an incoming mail.

At the moment the response from the http is instantly, we parse up and we get a response back straight away. From this point, it then appears to hang for about 5 seconds and create a .bi file within the %temp% location, hands for a further 25 seconds roughly before removing it and attaching to the file, then moves onto the next document. Unfortunately, we do not know how many documents we'd be getting and therefore this is not my issue, my concern is the time it it taking to process one document and that document simply contained a line of text saying 'this is a test document'. I had to create 3 independent imports, on different templates, the only difference is the BlobType to accommodate the file type - as I am under the impression you're able to add the extension generically based on what the http provides to you as you cannot add base64 + doc extension in this format due to the base64 not being imported straight into a field. Currently, this goes into .document code of the embedded document.
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Any ideas? Or improvements which could be done. It's frustrating as the only solution is flagging the file, for the task servers to pick up later and therefore the user does not have to wait for the all the documents to arrive. However, they still need these to begin working on the file.

Any help appreciated!

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