Screen Design Resolution Tuning

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Screen Design Resolution Tuning

Post by Mark_ACA »

We have a very wide screen designed, which works great unless its popped.

When its popped (only a couple of users run the actions that need it popped) its too narrow with no horizontal scroll bar.

If I set the default user profiles Screen Design area to 1602x828 this resolves it, but other users have issues with other screens because they have lower res screens.

So I set it back to 810x828 which makes them happy and the original user obviously has the issue again.

I can think of a few ways to resolve this but I cant implement any of them... Access support are swamped, thought i would try on here.

Can I have a horizontal scroll bars across screens popped that are narrow ?
Can I specify screen design area not already in proclaim, something in-between like 1100x828 ?
Can I specify a different resolution for different users ? (its disabled on user profiles, greyed out)