Proclaim Email Interface

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Proclaim Email Interface

Post by Carl »

Does anybody know why does Proclaim continue to use its own Email interface instead of using Outlook for mail activities? We have nothing but issues with the Proclaim version, from Really slow email forwarding / Reply to lost emails! I get complaints all the time as to how poor it is! Why re-invent the wheel? Solcase (the old version we used to use) used Outlook when creating or responding to emails and this was so much better! Solcase is based on Openedge technology the same as Proclaim so is possible to do.

Outlook is a tried, tested and reliably product. Proclaim is trying to re-invent the wheel and at present its square and very unreliable!

Your thoughts?

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Re: Proclaim Email Interface

Post by danny »

does the proclaim addin not fill the gap?