Proclaim Development Roadmap

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Proclaim Development Roadmap

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Takeaway points from this morning's webinar (recording will be available on Access Customer portal)

* General approach on integrating Proclaim into the Access "Workspace" consistent with existing Access products,
whilst maintaining Proclaim as a standalone/desktop product:
* single sign on capabilities - sign in to Proclaim with your Access Workspace. Launch Proclaim desktop app from Workspace.
* combined analytics / insights across Workspace products

Roadmaps published quarterly. Feature releases divided into three sections:

1) New Features in May Q2/3 "Proclaim v3.5"
* bundling improvements - court numbering requirements, hyperlinked index/navigation
* new Lloyds Commercial Banking data formats
* additional postcode/nearest supplier in Yorkshire Software (enter postcode, see address / show nearby addresses)
* Openedge 12.2 minimum requirement - for improved stability/ fewer Graphical Client crashes

2) New Features in review for Q4:
* "Bundling+" - edit/save/ copy bundles. Add/redact/delete items. Watermarks. Offline bundle production
* Bundle delivery methods - securedocs and direct delivery to Court
* A2A and MTD integration improvements / changes
* Performance improvements - history tables, report prime filters, and Proclaim analytics (?app performance metrics?)

3) Future pipeline topics (being explored)
* paysuite integration accept/send payments, open banking integration
* Browser-skinned interface proof-of-concept with Progress

Demo of Access Data Engine BI suite, using Proclaim ODBC as a datasource alongside other Access Workspace data sources.
(like PowerBI, Qlikview, Tableau, SSRS/SSIS etc).
* <5k refreshes per month and 5GB storage on standard tier
* daily/hourly/minute refreshes
* SQL queries to define data sources, then define data views (charts/metrics), drilldowns, dashboards etc.

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Re: Proclaim Development Roadmap

Post by galexander »

Anyone else on the webinar today, would be interested if anyone had any thoughts.

They seemed pretty sure that the upgrade to OpenEdge 12.2 would answer some of the crashing/memory issues which we have certainly been suffering from in the last year or so. And presumably the fabled SQL Backend version of Proclaim that Eclipse kept talking about for the last 10 years has been shelved.

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Re: Proclaim Development Roadmap

Post by Enigma »

I wonder how many of our collective years of enhancement requests survived the transition from Eclipse to Access :?

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Re: Proclaim Development Roadmap

Post by enthusiastp »

Was meaning to attend this - but got tied up on the day. So the re-cap is greatly appreciated

Like galexander said - it'll be interesting to see what a difference OE 12 makes. If you look up some info regarding OE 12, it's meant to be infinitely faster than OE11. Fingers crossed