Anyone found any good colour combinations for their screens?

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Anyone found any good colour combinations for their screens?

Post by Tardisgx »

This might seem like a silly question but I have a difficult time choosing good ones, they all seem harsh either too light or dark.

No one that uses the screens minds but it bothers me because I look at some old screens, that were probably designed in the 90s layout aside, see their colours and think that's rubbish you got different foregrounds for the labels to the background. I think the pastel colours are on the right track but I honestly don't know what would be pleasing / comfortable to look at. Anyone brave enough to post an imgur link of examples would be cool. test screens only.

Do you have a set colour scheme e.g; "our company has a blue and white logo so all the screens are similar to that"
or have you found xy go together, zd make a good combination for a screen too.
Do you have rules for labels colours or boxes that you follow now you're thinking about it.
Or is it all a mish mash no rules.

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Re: Anyone found any good colour combinations for their screens?

Post by Enigma »

Hi Tardis,

I always try go for a minimalistic approach, using only about 3 or 4 colour combinations.

Typically I use the company colours to set headers and use for field labels.

Then white / grey for simple backgrounds here and there.

My thinking is to try and replicate clean looking websites and their layout. E.g. Virgin Media. Their iconic colour is red, so they have this dotted throughout the site but not too overpowering. If you go on their site now, you'll see they still have loads of whitespace and black text.

I've seen some truly...artistic? screens in the years I've been a Proclaim Developer. Some are clean and crisp, some are boring, some are using every colour of the rainbow.

Hope that helps :)