Transaction Backout

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Transaction Backout

Post by galexander »

Anyone else had experience of this disastrous feature of OpenEdge? User does a days work creating letter, history items etc., comes back the next day and all the history items have gone. User's aren't going mad, their printed/emailed letters show these were created. Has happened here three times now.

Eclipse describe it as Transaction Backout and explained it as below. I've worked with Proclaim for ten years now and never heard of this issue before it happened to us last May, are we unlucky or have others had it?

"Progress treats transactions in a specific way – everything you do goes into what is called a “Before Image” file – once you complete a transaction this is committed to the database from the before image file. If however you start a transaction and do not complete it until much later, everything you do past the point of starting the transaction is considered to be part of the same transaction by Progress. If you then crash, the database will look for incomplete transactions and remove anything associated up to the point that transaction began. It is very rare to lose a large amount of data so I suspect the users may have started a transaction such as a Make Call or Send Letter on a case and have not completed it – if they then crashed out, anything they did prior to that starting will be fine, but anything they did after it may have been removed by the database in order to protect its integrity. Once the data is lost, we cannot recover it other than by retrieving documents from the archive or from your sent items in Outlook – the best way to prevent it from occurring is to avoid keeping actions open and effectively orphaned."

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Re: Transaction Backout

Post by revellbikes »

I've seen cases where people have been updating linked cases with poorly formatted UPDATE statements that have effectively made proclaim hit the Save button on the current case instead of the linked case. What made it worse was this was added to intelligence on screen and almost went undetected.

It had a similar outcome to that you described, users work throughout the day and come back the next day to find nothing they did saved!