Autolog incoming mail to entries to table.

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Autolog incoming mail to entries to table.

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We have a Import process which part of this stores multiple correspondents into a table. On import we export a web address containing a link to branded documents for each entry in the table.

I then have a script that exports the field containing the web link and using curl downloads and renames and moves to a location in directory monitoring location that uses IMDV2 to import.

The issue is I want to be able to log the branded incoming mail against the linked correspondent in the table as we then want to attach the relevant mail item to another letter going out to third Parties. We can have possibly upto 11 entries in the table.

So Process is as follows:

1 Xml is imported and populates fields and imports up to 11 entries to a table.

2 An export is performed for each item in the table containing the web link of the document relevant for each entry in the table. This is then downloaded and renamed and into IMDV2 format to be picked up.

3 I need a process that can take the incoming mail phrase and link it to the correspondent in the table using a single Embedded document/Mail Phrase.

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Re: Autolog incoming mail to entries to table.

Post by danny »

so in ur im phrase u can define a 'embed into' to store the doc code into an embedded doc field on the back of imdmv2
then in ur table define an embedded doc table field
then in after maths of the im phrase do
put ({im doc .embedded doc code},{table embed.embedded doc code})
this copies the ed from the im into the table.

to send the letter out again u can have another embedded doc code for outbound attachment, and just copy the code over to it and ATTACh as needed