Default Word to .docx format

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Default Word to .docx format

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Does anybody know (or have setup) if Word can default to save as the latest version of Word? Ours defaults to 97-2003 version .doc and speaking to Eclipse they say there isn't a setting in Proclaim itself to do this and it's down to Words default settings!
This isn't the case as Word (365 version) is set to us the default .Docx setting. They then said it was down to the Template so in Proclaim, i've created a new template and a new test document in Workflow maintenance, saving both in the Docx format.
When you then create a new document from Case Handling to history and save it as normal, the document has reverted back to the "97-2003" version.
Suspect that this must be Proclaim forcing this?

The reason I ask this is that we are looking at the Adobe Sign feature that integrates directly to Word but when the document is in the .doc format the Adobe features are greyed out as presume it needs to be in the later .docx version.

Any ideas please?