Importing CSV

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Importing CSV

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I have set up a directory monitoring task to import new leads into Proclaim from a CSV file and create a new lead.

It imports it but the CSV file always has a header which I cant see an option for this task to ignore the header when importing unless I do it manually each time which isn't going to work for us. So when the task runs, it sets up a new lead using the header details aswell.

Also, when it imports the details from the CSV, it inputs them into the Proclaim fields in Quotation Marks.

Has anyone had this same issue and managed to resolve it?


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Re: Importing CSV

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Try the extra instruction ExcludeHeaderLine on the import job, or if the header is always the same you could put a field description test (something like TEST, IV = "ExampleHeader" , IgnoreCase) on the data template - field descriptions are detailed further in the Tech 4 Manual.

I've only seen the Quotation Marks a couple of times - usually when the field has a tab or carriage return, and wouldn't know where to start (other than by getting the data cleansed before import while it's still in the CSV) to fix that...