Limit on Characters

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Limit on Characters

Post by JT1990 »

Hi folks

So trying to fix a bank details secure doc issue.

As it stands, the clients' enter their sort code into 3 fields, 2 characters a piece. They then accept the secure doc, the data is written back into the case and done. Easy.

However, we're getting clients' that are putting a space before the 2 digits, putting 3 characters or more in one field and so on.

I realise I can use the SPLIT function to carve out the 2 digits we need, but if they've put 3 or more in, how am I to know which are correct?

My question is, is can a character limit be applied to an alpha field which translates into the limit on the secure document?

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Re: Limit on Characters

Post by Enigma »

Hi JT,

I know you can set a character limit on the PDF field when you edit it with Adobe Acrobat Pro. That might help, but I know some features from Adobe don't always translate over to Proclaim. ... fields.pdf