White labelling

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White labelling

Post by Hayley » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:16 am

we have had the ability to send from two different email accounts set up on our system by eclipse.

they have ensured us that if a certain option field is selected then emails will be sent from "Email 2" if not then email will be sent from "Email 1"(default email address).

However, the only way I can make it do this is to run it through a linked action and put the new email account field into the "send email" linked action.

If you do a now email from the ribbon at the top it shows on the history as going from "Email 2" however when it is received outside of Proclaim it shows as being send from "Email 1" (Default email).

I have flagged this with Eclipse and they have suggested that the email address that they have been provided with are different than the ones set up by our IT department (They are not we have checked....).

Has anyone else had this issue or can think of a way to sort it out?


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