Working Days excluding first date

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Working Days excluding first date

Post by kettleashlee » Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:31 am

Hi All,

You helped a while back with creating a "working days" maths to calculate the amount of working days between 2 dates and it worked great. They have decided now that they don't want the first date included in the calculation. this is what we have so far:

v-date = {Report Instruction received.Date}
v-days = {Time between report ins & sent to sol.Number}
v-weekday = 0
count = 0
WHILE count < v-days DO
v-date = v-date +1
dayofweek = WEEKDAY( v-date )
IF dayofweek = "Saturday" OR dayofweek = "Sunday" THEN
v-weekday = v-weekday +1
count = count +1
result = v-weekday

The dates i was working with included the bank holidays too and excluded them from the calulation, i basically want it to not count the report instruction date and start counting from the next working day. Any suggestions?


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