Allocating documents to history folders

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Allocating documents to history folders

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I was wondering if anybody has found a way of allocating a document, created in a linked action, to a specific history folder, without having to use the default folder option in workflow maintenance.
Essentially, we have 10 medical instructions and a history folder for each instruction. I am trying to allocate an instruction letter, created in a global linked action to a specific history folder, dependent upon which medical instruction is currently selected.
Obviously, I would prefer to not have 10 versions of the same letter on the system, just so I can select a different default folder for each one in workflow. It would be much better to have one letter and somehow hard code the folder it should be put into within a linked action.
Don't know if this is possible or if anybody can think of a different work around?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Allocating documents to history folders

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Could you not set up the letter as a paragraph (giving you one document to maintain) and then have the 10 letters assigned to their folders just merge that paragraph?