Proclaim 3.5

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Proclaim 3.5

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Anyone here upgraded yet? Any pros/cons you've seen so far with it?

David P
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Re: Proclaim 3.5

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Just bumping this thread - We have our upgrade scheduled for mid July but I wanted to see if anyone here has already upgraded.

Interested specifically in server CPU specs, the requirements doc from Access goes with the really helpfully arbitrary measure of clock speed @ 2.4GHz on a 6 core Xeon. It would be helpful if they provided a baseline CPU model so I could compare directly but unfortunately not.

We are currently running 3.4.1 with 12 vCPUs allocated on a VMware host with 2x 8 core Xeons (E5-2620) running at 2.1 GHz.
Looking at the CPU usage, we average 11% and peak at 25% utilisation. To my mind that should mean we have plenty of overhead.

I've raised this with Access and they came back with:
My colleagues have advise that if you have performance issues, at point of upgrade, you will need to look at your infrastructure before Support can assist you.
So, if anyone here has upgraded I'd really appreciate feedback regarding server performance.