Updating cases from SQL Screen List

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Updating cases from SQL Screen List

Post by demorris »

Is is possible to update cases directly from SQL lists displayed on screen? There is an option in SQL maintenance which appears to indicate you can ['allow case updates'] but I can't see any way of doing this. I would like to display a SQL list including a yes and no field which the user can then go down and change nos to yes to select that case. At the moment the only way is to access each case then go back to the list.

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Re: Updating cases from SQL Screen List

Post by revellbikes »

The feature you're referring to is for use on the "Queries" section within the Proclaim Desktop, it isn't intended for use on screen as far as I'm aware.

I think you'd have to code something fairly complex to perform the SQL, import into a table on screen and allow the user to make the amendments they require then I guess press a button which would run through all the cases in the SQL and perform the update. All achieveable but quite a big undertaking I'd say, you'd need to be careful about cases that are 'Locked' by another user for example.

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Re: Updating cases from SQL Screen List

Post by steve »

to elaborate on revellbikes' answer, If 'allow case updates' is enabled, then the user can select cases returned from a "Queries" result set.
shift-click, ctrl-click to highlight cases, and if you then right-click the column HEADING, you will be prompted as to whether you want to update the selected rows, and the value that should be applied. You can even select multiple cases and click 'run linked action' on the list of multiple cases, but watch out for if the cases end up being locked to you.

This might work for your need - but indeed this functionality doesn't work for 'on screen' SQL results as you might hope.