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Hello All,

I seem to be experiencing update issues with MIWH, here's a little breakdown as to what is happening
  • We do a full rebuild and the data matches entirely
    We then run the UPDATES task in a dedicated task server
    After a few days we start to see dependencies
    We then do a full rebuild and the data matches again
I have started to investigate the dependencies in the progress DB via ODBC driver through Razolr SQL via the table "Data Warehouse"; from here I can see that data is being copied across however I cannot see what data I would assume the data is being stored in the Data Record field however it looks encrypted ( it looks like qsr ) repeated over and over again.

My simple question is how can I see what data is being copied and what isn't? It would appear some times the data is being processed and other times it isn't if I could see what data lies behind the Datarecord field I may be able to investigate further.

Failing the above can anyone share best practice in regards to MIWH and how to avoid the data write failures entirely?

Many Thanks

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Hey, let me know if you need a hand, I have had some pretty good experience of this so far.