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Calculated fields - average and maximum

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:15 pm
by Jacqueline
I can't figure out how to get an average and a maximum value of one field value within an advanced report (suggested syntax includes two fields which has confused me) - eg average property value within a set time period.

I have been playing around with add calculated field but my report isn't giving out. Perhaps i have to do a sum of all the values and then divide by the number of values - but I'm hoping Proclaim makes it easier.

Any advice gratefully received .

Re: Calculated fields - average and maximum

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:17 am
by revellbikes
I'm my experience Calculated fields are more trouble than they're worth.

If you're struggling to get them working, I'd suggest going with a Maths field and then add this to your report or do the calculation outside of Proclaim in Excel.

I'm not the biggest advocate of Calculated fields as you can probably tell, someone else might be able to help further with them but I've always opted for an alternative due to their poor design, lack of flexibility and no syntax checker.