Migrate to Proclaim Accounts?

Discussions around aspects of Proclaim Accounts software - and 3rd party accounts software too
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Migrate to Proclaim Accounts?

Post by steve »

Has anyone migrated to Proclaim Accounts from a third party (e.g. Lawbyte?) Looking to hear your experiences, what went well, what didnt (so we don't make the same mistake), what you miss, and what you love about Proclaim Accounts compared with your old accounts package.

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Migrate to Proclaim Accounts?

Post by Jacqueline »

I hope I won't upset anyone by bumping Steve's accounts questions in case any recently-joined members have any responses - and am also wondering which other accounts packages integrate well with Proclaim.

many thanks

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Re: Migrate to Proclaim Accounts?

Post by SElwell »

We moved from Thomson Reuters Elite to Proclaim Accounts in January 2015
The conversion mostly went well, some accounts history was imported for open files/non-zero balances.

Proclaim accounts does somethings better, somethings worse. The reports from Accounts needed a lot of tweaking and some are still wrong. Treatment of VAT is still an issue that we are trying to resolve years later.

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Re: Migrate to Proclaim Accounts?

Post by jwhelan »

Over the years I have managed 7 migrations to Proclaim accounts for a number of different systems (including Proclaim Accounts to Proclaim Accounts). don't assume that many conversions is a glowing reference for Proclaim Accounts because it certainly isn't!

The biggest question you have to ask is are you just going to convert balances or the full ledger. The full ledger is the ideal but will cost a lot more as the conversion time will be a lot longer but the trade off is that you will not need to keep your old system available to check historic records. There is the "Legacy" option that will provide you with a flat file per ledger/ case that will show the previous entries but you can not do anything with it (as in report against it or use any FETCH commands).

The biggest problem that I have always had is something that is well documented - the reports are a joke. I have known reports to take just under 24 hours to run (this time was after they were recreated by Eclipse to speed them up). For Proclaim case reports we run everything from the MIWH, where reports take seconds as apposed to hours, but you are not able to put accounts fields into the MIWH.

When you take delivery of your test conversion, make sure enough people test it to ensure it is correct. My experience is that accounts people generally don't like to "waste time" checking ledgers are correct so what I did to help was create a number of reports from the old system and Proclaim and do some simple comparisons within Excel to flag any differences. Ultimately if the trial balances match then everything else should match but you do need to drop down to the matter lever just to make sure. I would suggest checking between 5 and 10% of your live ledgers to make sure they match.

In an ideal world, the utopia would be Liberate Accounts linked to Proclaim Case but last time I asked (which was a few year ago now), Liberate did not want to integrate with Proclaim.